To my sister πŸ₯‚

To my baby sister. You might not always believe it but I always have your best interests at heart. Even when we are shouting and screaming at each other, I’m only trying to help you. I never want you to be hurt by anyone. I want you to have the most extraordinary life! Travel; see the world. Dance in the pouring rain, laugh when you are heartbroken. Never cry for that boy, they are not worth it. He will love you. I don’t know who he is, but I promise he will love you more than you ever knew was possible. Have fun, go to those places you always wanted to go, spend the money on that dream you have, it will be a memory you cherish forever. I can’t wait for the day I see you walk down the isle with the love of your life, and to see you smile like the whole world is in his eyes. Let’s not wish away time though, let’s go enjoy the time that we have as sisters. You are my best friend, the one that was born, as a reminder to me that wherever I am in the world that I will always have you. My beautiful little sister. Your soul is made is of pure gold, your heart is in the right place, it’s okay if you don’t know it all yet. Please don’t be frightened of the darkness, it’s only there to show you the beauty in the world when the light comes back. If you tell me you are happy I believe you, but don’t hate me if I’m worried about you, it’s just what sisters do. I love you, my best friend. Xxxxxx

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