How not to live your life

I went for dinner earlier with a friend and she told me that due to stress her hair was falling out (yes I did laugh) across the room from us was one of our friends and she was sitting there so content with her family, her baby and partner and we realised how tragic and unadult we really are. so here is my guide on how not to live your life.

1. Don’t leave something you love for something you like.

2. Don’t date your co-workers.

3. Don’t chase people.

4. Don’t give oxygen to people that can already breathe.

5. Don’t try to edit your life so much that you lose yourself.

6. Don’t allow others to change the way you see yourself.

7. Don’t break yourself to fix someone else.

8. Don’t expect love, love is inevitable.

9. Don’t hurt people you love, because you’re angry with yourself.

10. Don’t eat cake because you’re sad. Just eat cake. Cake doesn’t need that negativity in its life.

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