Dear all of you

Dear the people I love,

To my mum you have raised me and help me grow into the confident, outgoing woman that I am today. To my dad you taught me how to love everybody even if they break you. To Chloe, you taught me how to know self love and be independent. Tom you taught me that it’s okay to be different and to love yourself always. Freddie you show me that confidence is key, and that being you is the only person you can be so own it.

To Lucy and Devon, thank you for loving me even when I was not very loveable. To Hannah thank you for listening even when I told you 5000000 times about my problems, thank you for loving me unconditionally everyday.

To all of my friends, thank you everyday for showing me how much you care and spreading love. I am grateful to you. To my gym family, thank you for being there when you don’t have to be, thank you for the hellos that felt like we had known each other forever. The love from you lot made me feel so confident in myself.

My colleagues, how I love you, you make my heart so full and I miss you all dearly, you are everything that is right with the world.

Thank you to every person that has entered my life, I don’t believe you can ever send out hate to anyone, love and love strong. Be you and be confident in who you are.

To me you are pretty cool you know and I love you.

Thank you to every single person in my life my heart is so full right now, you honestly have changed my life so much ❤️

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