Surround yourself with positivity

Last year was very negative for me, I was in a relationship that was extremely toxic and my life just seemed to take turns that I couldn’t control, I felt entirely worthless and completely broken. I was lucky enough to have people around me that felt like sunshine. People that allowed me to stay strong and control those impossible demons that controlled every thought. They shared my burden and to everyone one of them I will be forever grateful.

This bank holiday weekend I wish I could bottle it up and open it whenever I feel like life is getting to much. I’ve spent time with people that have most amazing energy and have truly made me happy.

Surround yourself with positivity, I am so grateful to every person in my life right now. You all make everyday so much brighter for me. I’m excited for life again!

Thank u, next

So I met this guy let’s call him Kyle,

Id been speaking to him for quite a while.

He was everything that I’d dreamed about,

Until I went down his phone and found him out.

So he panicked and got down on one knee,

I said yes, oh yipee.

So let’s fast forward 2 years down the line,

Turns out for murder I’d get less time.

One of our mates, he was having a baby,

So I left poor Kyle with a maybe?

So it’s a fortnight later and I’m feeling a bit blue,

I make a call to Kyle, with an apology or two.

I had to leave him all by him self,

So now there’s me back on the shelf.

Well it didn’t take long and I’m dating his mate,

For arguments sake let’s call him Nate.

Well what a load of drama that turned out to be,

Arguement after arguement, never him, always me.

So the drama continues and now it’s all done,

What a different person I’ve become.

I’ve hit rock bottom, and I’ve fallen down,

But in the end I’ll wear the crown.

So remember your self worth, and carry a smile,

And if you’re sad, Ben and Jerry is down the frozen isle.

Take a moment

Just stop. Breathe. Focus. Reconnect. Open your mind. Smile. Appreciate. Learn.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Make time for yourself. For your mental health. Your happiness. Your well-being.