Isn’t dating weird

So for the first time in my adult life I am single. Before this Tinder, bumble, Hinge etc weren’t even a thing, how did it get to this point. Literally within half a second I’m judging someone based on the way that they look, deciding whether or not I would like to match with them, and if I do, the conversation is flatter than my arse.

What ever happened to meeting people organically. The problem with these apps is, you can be talking to someone, go on a date and then. Bam. Ghosted. They fall flat off the face of the earth. I understand I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, My personality is probably more than a lot of people can handle. But still. Seriously. You have to actually explain to each other that you are exclusive so that the other person deletes these apps. Honestly this world is insane.

These last few months I have met some right characters. I had one date and the guy wouldn’t leave (note to self: never let someone in your house on a first date) then asked my mum if she wanted to make a cake. I had another one where on a first date they introduced me as their girlfriend to people and they were constantly calling, texting, messaging and I just couldn’t catch a break literally blocked them from every single platform I had. I’m starting to lose trust in men altogether if I’m honest.

But seriously what is this world of dating, it’s all so strange to me. I think I’ll stick to Netflix and ice cream from now on.

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