Reading into it 😏

Ever got one of them texts and you over analyse till you go crazy? And then it turns out they are actually gay or married with 12 kids and you thought they were the one? Yeah well get the hell over it. Stop reading into things, people lie, people say things that make people think they are good people. Don’t misread simple conversations. If I’ve learnt anything it’s that you should take everything at face value and if it turns out different then that’s a bonus, if not oh well. You are worth so much more than undertones. If they fancy you they will tell you. Don’t obsess over the ‘hey girl’ texts. He meant hey girl. Not hey girl come here and love me. Love yourself first and if they love you then fab if not, you’re a rockstar anyways who cares. Sometimes we think we need validation from someone to feel our best selfs, you don’t. You need to look in the mirror and say ‘baby girl you are amazing and everyday you get better and better and nobody’s ever gonna be as into you as you are’. Wake up tomorrow with the attitude that you are the best thing in your damn life and enjoy every single second of being yourself.

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