Men suffer too

This past week the tragic news of Mike Thalassitis broke and to hear that he had been suffering with his mental health really struck me. From the outside looking in Mike seems like a happy go lucky lad with everything going for him, yet inside it was turmoil. We hear lots of women speaking out about how they are suffering with anxiety etc and this seems completely normal. However, we expect men to be strong, we expect them to be a man and to be our protectors. Society these days has created a stigma around men’s mental health, and how if a man is suffering it is seen as weak. A man suffering with their mental health and speaking about it is not weak, it’s strong and brave.

I encourage every single man that feels like they are suffering to speak out, and encourage their friends to do the same. Girls we will always pick up the phone to check up on our bestie, pick up that phone and ring the men in your life. And boys check up on the lads, drop them a text, invite them out for a pint and just chat. Sometimes one conversation can save someone’s life.

Imagine someone was sitting on top of a bridge about to jump off and end their life. Would you walk past and pretend that it wasn’t happening? Or would you stop and encourage that person to get down and give them the help that they need? The majority of us would stop. So when you’re mate seems quieter than usual don’t ignore it, ask them the question ‘hows things?’ You could be that person that makes them realise it’s not so bad.

Please just check in, drop a text, pick up the phone, we spend endless hours on social media, take a minute out of that just to send that message.

And please, if anyone needs someone to talk to just drop me a DM on insta and I’ll try to brighten your day xxxxxxxx

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