Sex when your single AF!

  1. Does he like it when I do that?
  2. He’s not given me any indication that he is enjoying this maybe I’ll stop.
  3. Can he hear my belly slapping against his?
  4. A lot of air is getting in here.. that can only mean one thing!
  5. Is it in?
  6. How an earth is this his favourite position, I can’t even feel it???
  7. Do I tell him that this won’t be happening again.
  8. Would it be weird if I call him ‘the sexinator’?
  9. Would it be weird if I made him call me ‘Titsalicious’
  10. How do I tell him that sticking his finger down the back of my throat is just making me want to puke.
  11. Jeez I should have thought of a safe word.
  12. Ok so there’s choking and then there’s losing consciousness.
  13. Did he hear that fart?
  14. How do I ask him to leave after?
  15. Oh so were just gonna spoon now?
  16. I hope he doesn’t expect breakfast.
  17. Did i really just burst out laughing at his cum face.
  18. I wonder what our kids would look like?
  19. Did he just fart?
  20. I didn’t cum ffs.

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