International women’s day

It’s that time of year again where all women unite, and come together to build a army of fierce, powerful, determined girls!.. females are brave. We will not be silenced. Our voices and actions will raise daughters with the rights to speak their minds, and conquer the world.

Not all women will break world records, not all women will want to be CEO. However, all women believe the same, that they are worth being heard, that their voices after years of being oppressed will be listened to. I used to believe that if you was given a seed, it was inevitable that it would grow into a flower, it would blossom and all its beauty would shine, but the truth is, that seed might not get enough sun light, and it might never be watered, so it will never have the tools to allow it to bloom. Sometimes we need someone there to just give us a helping hand, so remember whether you’re a woman or a man, we need each other, we need that love and that passion but sometimes we just need a shoulder to cry on. Spread love everyday and bloom together.

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