A diamond is just a rock under pressure

Coming out the other side of certainly the worst year of my life so far, I reflect. I look back on the paths I could have taken and I wonder if that would have led me to my desired destination quicker? Or would it have been a long way round, finding who I really am? Sometimes the destination we desire is far from where we hoped it would be. Other times it simply isn’t even what we expect. I thought what I wanted was to be married, moved out happily with kids by the time I was 20. Yet here I am, 25, single, living in a 2 bed flat with my sister. I’m still clubbing every weekend and I tell you what I’ve found my happiness; In belly laughing till 4 in the morning with people I adore, I’ve found it in my best friend holding my hand every step of the way and being the soul reason I wake up in the morning with the hope that there is good in the world. I’ve found it in new friends that I feel like I’ve known a lifetime. I found that peace in myself just by being able to decide what I want to do. Life isn’t always about chasing the rainbow its about finding that pot of gold in the back of a cave in the middle of the night. Life isn’t a fairytale, it’s a mystery that one day we’ll look back on and figure it all out..wouldn’t it be boring if we knew the ending was we married some stuck up, pretty boy prince. Darling if you put a rock under pressure it will become a diamond. So let the rain pour down on you when you’ve just straightned your hair, life happens. Let it be.

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