I forget the pain and the hurt and I feel the happiness run through my veins. I push anger and hate aside, so I can love someone new. I run my hands through the sand and drink cocktails in the sun. I love everyday and I’m me again. You were a lesson and and you taught me self worth. You made me see I’m better than you thought I was. You made me hate myself. You loved by taking away everything I loved about myself. You were broken, and then you broke me. Thanks for the memories but no thanks. You will always be just a shower of doubt and mistreatment. You are not worth my tears and I am priceless. I miss the person I thought you was but you’re not them anymore and I’m done. My life is now full of real life and love. I’m no longer broken, I’ve picked up then pieces and I’ve made a mosaic of the life I want to live. My life will no longer be dependent on your emotions. I’m doing this for me. I am strong and I will be everything, everything and more.

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