It’s not your fault

Speaking to a friend the other day made me realise ‘it’s not your fault’. We have so much that goes on in our lives. Influences that we don’t even acknowledge, but still have a major impact on the people we become. Have you ever looked at your life and thought ‘where did it all go wrong?’ I can tell you I’ve done that on countless occasions. The truth is it probably still is, you are still making them same decisions that cause an negative or undesirable outcome. Have you ever had a relationship that you wished and prayed would work out, but the more you tried to make it work the less it seemed to? That’s because everything in your head is telling you that the relationship is doomed and need fixing, instead of looking for all of the positive happy moments, it’s trying to correct all the flaws and faults. Nobody is perfect. No relationship, no person, no job, nothing is perfect. Without flaws we would never appreciate the beauty. Everything in life has a ripple effect. So stop. Stop and think about that decision you are about to make, would you look back in 5 years time and thank yourself? Or will you look back in sorrow or dismay and wish things could have turned out differently. Take time to breath and think; don’t rush.

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