I hugged you. One last good bye as tears streamed down my face. Every word I spoke was from the deepest place I had ever felt. I begged. I silently prayed that you would give me one last chance. But I knew this was the end. I told you all of those feelings. The feelings and words you hadn’t been ready for. But now as you listened I knew you understood. I knew you was doing it to protect me. I know just as much as I didn’t want to lose you. You didn’t want to lose me either. You wanted me. You loved me the same way. Love with us was always easy but also the hardest challenge we have ever faced. Loving you taught me to be selfless and understanding. It taught me a pain I’d never felt before. You was my everything and I knew I was yours. I knew you leaving was the hardest decision you’d ever make. You love me. It was never a lack of love. It was just two broken people trying to pick up the pieces. I’m sorry I was broken. I’m sorry you had to hurt because I could cope. I should have never put my pain onto you. I love you. I have and I always will. Forever till I die. I will always be there. I’m sorry.


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