Paving the way

Some days you wake up and nothing makes sense. Everything you thought you knew is different now and questions are all you have. I’ve been experiencing a stage in my life where everything seems to have changed. I thought I had it all set out and my plan was written out for me. The more this year goes on the more I realise that it’s not set out for you. You have to make your own path. You everyday have to pick up those paving stones and place them exactly where you think they should go. No one can do that for you. People can tell you where you should place them. But ultimately you have to make those decisions. Sometimes it will be really hard to put it down and you will be so confused, and sometimes the burden of carrying all of the slabs will start to weigh you down and make you feel weak. But remember you are stronger than you know and you can do whatever you set your mind to.

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