To the man that broke me

To the man that broke me thank you.

Thank you for showing how to love and be kinder to myself.

Thank you for not taking up all my free time so I can spend it with my amazing family and best friends.

Thank you for ruining days so I can appreciate the best days now.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to find someone who will love me 100 times better than you ever could.

Thank you for not recognising the person that I am, because if you did I would think I was wrong about myself.

Thank you for your cruel words they’ve made me stronger and built me an amour.

Thank you for never understanding my hurt and pain, never comforting me. Because comforting myself has giving me understanding of who I am.

Thank you for leaving me, it was the greatest gift you could have ever given me.

Thank you from the girl that can do better.


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