To my best friend

Friends can make everyday seem like the clouds have passed and everything is better! So here is a letter to my best friend:

To my best friend, without you being me wouldn’t be any fun! You can make the bad days bright and the bright days the best days!

You hold my hand when I cry and give me truths that only you can say without me crying even more! You make the sad things funny and help me with the same problem countless amounts of times!

You make spending days in my pjs into den building, pizza eating, Christmas film watching adventures!

You’ve made my life the best story I could ever tell, and you’ve given me memories that I will treasure for a life time. You are my soulmate no man will ever compare! (As much as I would love a man to come and sweep me off my feet)! Haha!

So let’s grow old, making memories, drinking our sorrows away!, singing at the top of our lungs to all our favourite songs! Watching Disney films till we die!

Love you your bestie xxxx

Everyone write a letter to your best friends just to tell them just how much you love them! Always spread positivity and kindness!

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